Starting Harp Lessons Questions


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As you explore your teacher options, please consider what you are paying for in terms of education, expertise, opportunities, access, and especially the potential for a positive working relationship.

Students only pay for 44 lessons throughout the year. The eight weeks students do not pay for are split up into five weeks off and three weeks set aside as makeup lessons from weeks that may be missed due to illness or other obligations. These makeup lesson weeks are scheduled every four months and held as a regularly scheduled lesson. The weeks are noted on the studio calendar.

If enough notice is provided, the teacher will attempt to reschedule a lesson to within the same week, if possible. This is neither guaranteed, nor an obligation of the teacher. Teacher's schedules are full, and there may not be an opening for a makeup lesson to take place. In the event of inclement weather, utilizing Skype of video call is encouraged, rather than missing a lesson or risking driving in unsafe conditions.

What Age to Start?


Anyone from 5 to 105 can learn to play the harp or piano! If the student is very young, extra attention to their physical needs, especially at the harp will be considered. Adjustments might include size of harp and all students are advised according to their own individuality in their practice plan. Those desiring to fulfill their "Bucket List" dreams or find a retirement or empty-nester project will also find great joy at learning an instrument. I, personally, started at age 10 and my first student was 82. There are unique benefits at every age to start learning either the harp or the piano

Harp / Piano in Home?


Due to the need to practice on a regular basis, your student will need to have their own instrument in the home. I will assist you in finding the best possible option for your situation, including cost, size and condition. You may opt to rent or purchase an instrument. However, I strongly caution you against purchasing over the internet. The instrument will also require periodic maintenance

Prior Experience?


No prior experience for either harp or piano is necessary. Since each student learns differently and at different speeds, the program for teaching will be developed based on the needs of the individual, not necessarily prior experience.

Music & Other Tools?


When you pay your monthly tuition, there is also a small amount that goes toward the cost of music. So when a student needs new music, the bill is already being covered by that tuition fee. Based on experience, the fee that is assessed is an average cost of what students pay each year in both method books and sheet music.

I will also provide a notebook for lesson plans. 

Those playing the harp will have a tuning key that comes with the instrument. You will only need a tuner to add to it, which you may either buy a unit or an app for your apple or android.

You will not be on this journey alone! I will guide you to what is needed, what is suggested; what is urgent and what can wait. 

Skype of FaceTime Lessons?


Yes, I offer harp lessons via Skype to people throughout the United States. I will make every effort to travel to the area of each student twice a year for a face-to-face lesson. A student must be at least 12 years old to qualify for this option.


Here in the Kansas City metro area, I incorporate Skype or FaceTime into our schedule each semester as "practice" opportunities for using this technology with both harp and piano. This will allow us to utilize Skype if a sibling or parent is ill and I prefer to not be exposed, or if the weather is inclement.

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