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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement:

To teach each student a skill while enjoying the learning process and the instrument.

Teaching Philosophy:

I strive to inspire, develop and encourage each of my students. I want to inspire students to discover the interesting qualities of music, to help students develop into well-rounded musicians and encourage them as we work through the complexities of music. I believe in adapting the approach of teaching to the uniqueness of each student; incorporating multi-sensory techniques such as movement, games and listening, to explore various elements and styles of music.

Method to Accomplish Mission and Play out Philosophy:
At Heavenly Harp & Soul Studio, we want students to enjoy what they are doing by feeling a sense of accomplishment through performing throughout the year. We work to create many opportunities for students to participate in concerts, festivals and events. As a studio, we are affiliated with Dove Music Studio, with whom we partner to provide recitals; Lyra Chapter of the American Harp Society, Olathe Music Teachers Association, Kansas City Music Teachers Association and Mid America Music Association to offer festivals and competitions. No one is expected to participate in everything, but all are encouraged to participate whenever possible. This builds community and offers the student a sense of belonging and achievement.

Philosophy of Music Education
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