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Fostering a Love for Music

By Encouraging Students Through Teaching

30-Minute Introductory Lesson Free

Studying music privately is more successful if the student and teacher are able to build a chemistry of communicating and understanding. The parent(s) play a vital role in this process. This introductory lesson is for all of us to meet and evaluate the potential of such a relationship.

Harp Lessons Olathe
Standard Lesson Plan

Lessons are scheduled weekly, subject to vacations according to the Blue Valley school calendar. Harp lessons are 60-minutes and piano lessons are 30-minutes. Training in having lessons via Skype are done each semester in order to create a weather-related and illness-related (other household member) option in the event necessary. 

Harp Lessons Lenexa

There are two studio recitals each year. There are also several opportunities to play in festivals, as part of ensembles and even competitions. Participation in at least two events per year is expected, as this builds community, greater appreciation for the art, and an internal desire to advance. This also creates a purpose and value to the prolonged process of learning and creating music. Our studio is affiliated with multiple area music organizations to maximize our opportunities. 

  Custom Program   

The beauty of running my own studio is I am able to customize lessons to meet the needs of the students and the entire studio population, both those in the Kansas City area and beyond. If there are two or more students interested, harp ensemble and music theory lessons provide a teamwork environment and contribute to the enjoyment of the music for the students within our own studio. 

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